Monolith EP

by Where Stars Collide

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released May 8, 2017

Engineered, mixed, mastered by Federico Ascari @ Wavemotion Recordings
Artwork by Marco Maldarella



all rights reserved


Where Stars Collide Reggio Emilia, Italy

The idea behind the project Where Stars Collide took shape in 2015. They started creating and composing what will become their debut EP, which will be out at the beginning of 2017.

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Track Name: Equilibrium
A target too far away.
We unconsciously aim to the absolute
Searching in vane for Equilibrium.
We move blind steps that lead us
To the Downfall
Track Name: Now
We steal the day.
Selfish, we do not care of what will come
Sailing through oblivion, we leave reality behind.

We move blind steps, that drown us in the dark
Obsessed by greed, that lead us to be poor.

We are castaways of a time that tries to sink us.
Anguish take our best parts.
Tentacles that crush our hearts bringing us into a black hole.
Dark depths.
There is nothing left around us.
Dark depths.
Nothing left.
The grip gets tighter and tighter,
This kraken is taking our lives.

Can you feel the flow? Can you feel the stream within you?
Will you be able to take control of your future?

Abolish the unreal.
Every step of this path becomes heavier,
Pay attention because that’s the beginning of your way.
A crossroad is in front of you, be ready to choose.

Take shape
Now we are the creators, because we have hope.
Track Name: Entropia
Endless energy fluxes encircling our lives,
Infinite potential that we can not comprehend.
Displayed as a labyrinth of possibilities,
we wander in never-ending motion.
No escape, no way out
How can we slip away?

I’ve lost myself
There’s only dispersion within us.
All that we could think, brings us to chaos.

If only we could reach this comprehension
we would know how to escape from this vise.

Obscurity envelops us,
She insinuates into our few certainties.

Infinite possibilities of choice
But disorder seems the only finish line.
We fluctuate into an illusory endless void.

This is the primordial purpose.
Which accompany our existences since the very start.

What if all that we need is inside us?
Maybe we only have to comprehend ourselves.

If only we could reach this comprehension
we would know how to escape from this vise.
The missing nexus that separates,
what we’ve always been from what we could be.

Endless energy fluxes encircling our lives
The evolutionary process is now taking shape.
Throughout awareness
The grip dissolves
So we set free
The weighing scales are aligned
Unveiling our real self
Track Name: Resilience
I’m escaping from these problems.
I feel lost, alone, forsaken.
My temporary handhold has gone.
But the future is here.

I will not change who I am
I will be myself until the end.
Ascending through the future,
it is waiting for me

Now, fluctuating in the void,
I'm nothing but an empty body, a nobody.
I did my best and now I’ve lost everything.

But I don’t want all this to hold me here,
Stuck on the earth. Even if I'm wounded,
my mind has not left me alone.

I must react, there’s still so much to fight for
My affections, my valors, my friends are here to sustain me,
Monoliths of my existence.

From those wounds I will take the strenght that I need
And future scars will remind me of what I’ve done.

And I’ve learnt from my mistakes
watching beyond the stars a path
bright light into endless darkness
I’m not alone, and solid pillars will lead my way.

A burden I’m willing to carry on.
Promise of what I will be.

I will not change who I am, I will be myself until the end.
ascending through the future, it is waiting for me
Waiting for me.
I will forge it, shape it.
I can do it.

All I need is the strenght in my hearth.
I am human, I am resilient.
We’re all resilient.

Track Name: Never
When it feels like sinking deep and all is lost,
There’s always something that will save us,
That keeps us afloat.
Holded up by hope, we will breathe again.
Every question will find an answer.

Now we can understand.
We are the flux.
Tiny simple creators,
through genesis and destruction, we shape our existence.

Take control. We must react.

Don’t fear the crossroad. The right choice will come inside the truth.
Are you ready to choose?
It’s all inside you, unveil your sleeping potential.
Make this weapon yours. Make yourself pervade.

Evil cheases us disguised as good.
Only when it reaches us, it reveals its true inner nature.

With hope in my heart I keep going on.

Now, shaped by time, I can see my dreams clearly.
Hope is the driving force that makes me step forward.

A new power is flowing in me.
Concern of future, I feel it close to me.
Intellect or sentiment, it always wears me out,
like water that corrodes the hardest stone.
Otherwise we will be nothing more than suffocating mortals under evils of Pandora.
I’m waiting for my fears to assume new shades.
I can’t, I must not let her prevail.
I can feel electricity in my veins.
Inspired by this sound, we can overcome every barrier.

We move blind steps, that drown us in the dark.
Obsessed by greed that lead us to be poor.

Hope is nothing but a daydream.
With eyes open wide,
I won’t stop dreaming.
I won’t hesitate.
Hope is nothing but a daydream.
With eyes open wide
I will fear no longer.